About Giclee Prints

Now, about the Limited Edition Giclee Prints.To my mind these Giclee Prints are collectables which I believe will increase in value. The Giclees themselves are exacting reproductions. A high-resolution digital scan is made of the original painting. This information is fed into a powerful computer where detailed color correcting and digital clarity is achieved and “locked in”. A high-end 8 color jet printer driven by the computer literally paints each canvas individually. It is basically a saturation dye process and not a printing process. It is the best fine art reproduction process available today.

Only 90 copies of each painting will be issued, and a Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each piece. Each print is pulled individually when ordered, then signed and numbered.Once the lettering dries, the canvas is mounted on stretcher bars and is ready for shipment. It is decidedly a hands on project and a big reason we ask you to allow three weeks for delivery.

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